Getting to agreement, achieving a targeted result, delivering a successful call to action—they all depend on strategic communication. You and your employees are called upon every day to negotiate deals, influence decisions, and use your persuasion skills. Yet without proper negotiation training and influence skills training,  you can’t be fully effective. In business, the stakes are too high to leave outcomes to luck.

By developing the full potential of your communication skills, you can take your business vision to a whole new level and achieve goals that might otherwise have been out of reach. Vengel Consulting Group offers the Influence Training, Persuasion Skills, and Negotiation Training that will help you turn every interaction into an opportunity to fuel the success of your business. Gain vital, actionable insights into Effective Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Change Management, and Career Development and Retention. These aren’t just topics or general teaching sessions, but dynamic engagement with expertise that you can apply in the real world.

“Alan has provided some of the best thinking on the issue of Leadership Conversations.” Al Miller, VP HR, Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training and Support Lockheed Martin

The Vengel Consulting Group offers a series of powerful skill building workshops, webinars, and coaching solutions that give your corporation the cutting edge. Alan Vengel literally wrote the book on these subjects and is available to your company for management training seminars customized to your needs.

The Influence Edge™: Getting Work Done without Authority Workshops and coaching sessions for professionals and leaders at all levels of the organization. Give your people the practical skills they need to be successful. Training in influence leadership and persuasion skills will help them get results and build good working relationships. Influencing and negotiating skills are no longer an option, but must-haves in today’s complex and competitive corporations.

Get the Influence Training You Need to Sell Your Ideas

The Negotiation Focus™: Reaching Win/Win Agreements. Negotiation and persuasion skills have never been more crucial. Our workshops and customized training sessions on The Negotiation Edge™ give your people complete negotiation training with a powerful model and practical tools to negotiate successfully in any business situation.

Take the Negotiation Training that Will Take You to Greater Success

3 Leadership Conversations: Coaching, Motivating & Mentoring™: Workshops for leaders at all levels of your organization on coaching, motivating and mentoring. Give your people the skills to deliver three critical conversations to employees and business associates: 1) Coaching for performance, 2) motivating for engagement, and 3) mentoring for development. Learn quick and efficient ways of delivering powerful conversations that get results in 20 minutes.

Find Out How Powerful Conversations Can Positively Transform Your Business

Career Development and Retention: Including Love’Em or Lose’Em. Our career development and retention workshops are rich in concept and include practical tools to give both employees and managers the confidence to engage in critical conversations on these topics. Develop teams that are fully engaged and loyal to the organization, create an environment where employees are more productive and satisfied, and give your people a sense of empowerment.

Engage and Empower Your Teams with Career Development

The Leadership Development Series™: These short training sessions and full workshops will fill critical leadership and managerial learning gaps. Skill coverage includes: change management, leading change, communication skills, decision making, teambuilding, leading teams, strategic business unit planning and running effective meetings.

Develop the Leadership that Makes All the Difference

Motivation – Engagement Package: Includes CD, Managers’ Guide, and surveys. Now every manager can have the powerful new resource to become a great motivator. Workshops and coaching sessions are also available.

Find Out More About Our Motivation-Engagement Package

Get Influence &             Negotiating Tips

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