The Negotiation FocusTM

Reaching WIN/WIN Agreements

  • Want to be a master at getting what you want?
  • Do you need to successfully resolve conflict?
  • How do you prepare for difficult conversations?

Negotiating skills can make or break a business. Far from being an alternative to collaboration, negotiating is essential to creating an environment where collaborative productivity can flourish. These communication skills, or the lack of them, also affect our ability to compete as companies. If we are not collaborating with other workgroups, teams, suppliers or customers, we are probably not positioned to be competitive. After all, collaborating with others calls upon our best negotiation skills to ensure that results are achieved, and competition is the ultimate test of our effectiveness at creating agreement on a broad scale.

Negotiation skills training is the surest route to strengthening your professional relationships, achieving more favorable deals, and creating opportunities to grow your business. The key, of course, is to get the very best negotiation skills training available. It should have real-world applicability, allow the greatest number of people in your workplace to leverage its benefits, and it should be available at your convenience. The Negotiation Focus™ delivers on all these counts and more.

The Negotiation FocusTM provides a model to conduct negotiations that lead to better and more significant agreements. Agreements that help you accomplish your objectives while building lasting relationships. Negotiation can range from a casual conversation to extend a deadline to a more formal structured meeting to work out complex issues and agreements. In either case, successful negotiators use specific behaviors, tools and a process to get what they want.

During the Negotiation Focus™ workshop you will…
  • Assess and receive feedback on yourself as a negotiator
  • Learn a negotiation model and planning process
  • Practice specific behaviors for negotiating effectively
  • Increase success in managing difficult situations
  • Understand tactical choices and approaches to reaching agreements
  • Apply the process and your negotiation skills to real business situations
Features of the Program
  • Flexible design: ½ day, one-day, two-day and webinar formats available
  • Easy customization to link negotiation skills to the unique issues of your organization
  • Focus on real business situations for instant application
  • Pre-work, planning guides and learning aids
  • Follow-up support and programs, use of Internet and intranet
  • Trainer certification and one-on-one coaching available
Who Should Attend?

Managers, team leaders, project leaders, supervisors, customer service people, salespeople, IT professionals and anyone else who needs to get things done through others.

Regardless of your industry, negotiation skills are essential to working with vendors, potential clients, and employees. Our negotiation skills training seminars will help you acquire the skills that confident negotiators use and show you how to customize them for your own industry. Using real life scenarios, you will discover firsthand how to apply your negotiation skills training to meet the needs of your business.

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