The Influence EdgeTM

Getting Work Done Without Authority

Influence skills training will teach you to

  • sell your ideas
  • build good working relationships and get results
  • be successful when dealing with difficult people

With the horizontal structure of today’s progressive organizations, it is increasingly important to ask for and receive the support you need to accomplish your goals. The most effective way to do this is through the strategic use of influencing skills.

The truly effective team member, employee or manager uses leadership influence skills to achieve results, regardless of their positional power within the corporation or team structure. How do you get people to buy into your ideas and your needs? Influence without authority training teaches you to use influence and persuasion skills strategically, so that others will be more willing to help move corporate processes along without resistance.

By participating in The Influence Edge™ you…
  • Learn when and how to use twelve specific influence behaviors
  • Learn how to strategically plan for influence situations and opportunities
  • Practice using effective influence behaviors
  • Increase effectiveness in overcoming resistance
  • Learn to develop a strategic approach to ask for and receive support to accomplish your goals
  • Learn the benefits of networking and influence
  • Receive easy-to-use influence tools
Features of the Program
  • Flexible design: ½ day, one-day, two-day and webinar formats available
  • Easy customization to link influence skills to the unique issues of your organization
  • Focus on real business situations for instant application
  • Prework, planning guides and learning aids
  • Follow-up support and programs, use of Internet and intranet
  • Trainer certification and one-on-one coaching available
Who Should Attend?

Managers, team leaders, project leaders, supervisors, customer service people, salespeople, IT professionals and anyone else who needs to get things done through others.

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