Time was when leadership training was seen as a simple process in which a handful of people, by virtue of seniority as much as by competence, assumed new titles and then followed their predecessors’ approach to business, one best summed up as “We’ve always done it that way.” In today’s more disruptive, even volatile, business world, leaders can emerge from a much wider pool of the company’s talent. Likewise, true leadership now requires agility, innovative thinking, and responsive communication.  As a result, the need for leadership development training has intensified. Today even those who have previously been trained are realizing the critical importance of revamping their skills.

Vengel Consulting Group is widely acknowledged for its transformational role as a leadership training consultant to companies and their stakeholders. Drawing on industry-tested strategies and an in-depth knowledge of best practices, our leadership training and consulting group delivers measurably effective, highly customized  programs designed to drive visionary and tangible business outcomes. As leadership training consultants, we help leaders emerge, hone their leadership capabilities, and lead their companies to greater success.

Discover how our leadership training programs equip you with the skills that anyone who drives your business objectives must have:

Leadership Development SeriesTM

The Leadership Development Series™ reflects the new paradigms of 21st century organizations and corporations. This series provides managers and other leaders with a suite of skill-building workshops designed to develop the competencies necessary to achieve peak performance. These competencies come from a cross-section of disciplines including Organization Development, Industrial Psychology, Systems Thinking and Quantum Physics.

Business Unit Planning:

Managers and other leaders act with precision in all areas that will drive profitability and growth, using the competencies of strategic thinking, critical thinking and planning. They focus their business unit and individual contributors on the most important objectives and plans of the organization, gain commitment from each staff member and find the most effective means of achieving those goals

Design: ½ day or one-day format


Managers build immediate rapport with every person with whom they come in contact, communicate their message clearly, influence behaviors, build and foster collaboration. They also reduce conflict and stress, and energize and mobilize people towards achieving goals.

Design: ½ day or one-day format


Managers know how to delegate; to entrust direct reports with the right tasks along with the appropriate decision-making power and autonomy while maintaining ultimate responsibility. True delegation provides multiple benefits to the direct report, team, delegating manager, department and entire company as a whole.

Design: ½ day format

Decision Making:

Managers leverage simple concepts and tools to help make and prioritize decisions efficiently. They know what type of information is needed for a given business issue or situation, how to access that information, and how to use appropriate decision-making tools to help move the company forward.

Design: ½ day format

Problem Solving:

Managers will develop strategies to identify, analyze, and more effectively solve problems. They will also learn to recognize the opportunities inherent in problems, such as challenges that lead to innovation.

Design: ½ day format

Team Building:

Managers foster morale, trust, cohesiveness, communication, and productivity in independent working teams. Managers define roles, communicate common vision and team goals, encourage collaboration, and assist in guiding their teams to mutually and collectively achieve success.

Design: ½ day or one-day format

Adapting and Leading Change:

Managers know that one of the few constants in the 21st century is change. The ability to adapt to, and lead others through, the evolutions of an industry distinguishes the successful manager from those whom the economy will leave behind. Skilled managers understand that people and organizations cannot develop without change. By developing strategic focus, they create purposeful change and motivate others to get onboard.

Design: ½ day or one-day format

Make sure your top talent fully understands how to lead by signing them up for our management or executive leadership training. Our leadership training will enhance their capacity to build trust among your team members, disseminate your vision, and steer the achievement of company goals. To launch this critical initiative, call our leadership training consultant today at (925) 837-0148.

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