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When you’re busy trying to manage a business project or venture, who has time to travel for management training seminars? Yet without this professional development, it’s all too easy for you and your employees to lose competitive edge or fall behind on current best practices.  Likewise, if you’re coping with budget cuts, travel to offsite seminars can be cost-prohibitive. Yet without access to negotiation training seminars, you’re shortchanging your company even more. After all, better negotiation skills with employees, vendors, and clients leads to greater profitability.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that saves time and money, offers convenience, and delivers results.

Vengel Consulting Group brings the best business seminars to you! Each of our seminars is available as a webinar, an online class that can be accessed from anywhere. Developed by the renowned author, consultant, and public speaker Alan Vengel, these seminars promote strategic solutions to critical business issues. They’re not only cost-effective, allowing for viewing by unlimited trainees—but they are also customizable. While a webinar usually runs 60 minutes, they can also be set up to run sequentially as a curriculum and in multi-presentation formats. In short, we tailor the timing to your schedule and the presentation to your needs. We also offer pre-work, facilitation, and after-webinar learning sustainers for a full learning experience.

Get the Vengel advantage now. Our highly effective management and negotiation training seminars include:

The Influence Edge ™The Negotiation Focus™3 Leadership Conversations™ (based on 20 Minutes to a Top Performer™) and other  International career development programs.

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Books by Alan Vengel

20 Minutes to a Top Performer™
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Three Fast and Effective Conversations to Motivate, Develop, and Engage Your Employees The Influence Edge™
How to Persuade Others to Help You Achieve Your Goals


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