Next Generation Coaching

According to a 2009 Harvard business study, only 25% of managers say their companies are good with new managers. If only a quarter of new managers tasked with providing leadership and mentoring to their teams get what they need, what impact do you believe that will have on the workforce at large?

New managers are overwhelmed by all they have to do.   In addition to their own jobs, they must supervise the jobs of others. We load up a manager’s plate, piling more on without ever take anything off. Eventually the plate will break or become too heavy to hold. Managers are time starved, over extended and many times running on empty.

We don’t need more complicated systems, 12-step models, or three day training programs, to teach new managers and even the old guard, how to coach for performance in a way that makes a difference. Next generation coaching should be fast, easy and efficient.

Managers say they want models that are practical and easy to use, that do not rely on a lot of training, technical expertise, or a Ph.D. in psychology.

In our research with over 4000 employees, we asked the question, “What do you really need from your manager?” The top two answers, in order were:

  1. We need to know what they want from us, exactly. We still aren’t sure.
  2. We need our manager to listen to us, and to feel involved in the process.

The responses reveal that new managers are sorely lacking in receiving the basics of good coaching from their own managers.

Next generation coaching is fast and easy and can be accomplished with three steps.

State expectations clearly

Our research indicates that managers are not getting their messages across to new managers. The first order of business in making coaching fast is having the coach be clear on what it is they want and be able to communicate it to the people. If managers are not clear on what is expected, how will they be effective with their own teams?

Listen and involve your employee in the solution to the problem

The survey responses clearly demonstrate that managers need the basic skills of listening and involving others. We’ve known that for years and yet here we are in a 2.0 culture still wrestling with 1.0 issues. What is the essence of great coaching? Stating expectations and involving others in the solution to the problem.

Have a clear action step as a result of the coaching conversation

Lastly, we need an action step agreed upon by both parties in the coaching conversation. What will we do first? How will we measure it, and how will we follow up?

Next generation coaching is fast, easy and effective. If we implement the three easy steps of stating expectations; listening and involving, and having a clear action step in follow up, we will equip new managers to do their jobs and lead with confidence.

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