The Influence Edge

How to Persuade Others to Help You Achieve Your Goals


“The critical factor for a company’s success today is the ‘quick conversation’ that compels another person or party to action. Those who master it will survive the imminent shake – out of this heady new Internet age. Because these days, you’re either quick or you’re dead. So let Alan Vengel show you how to cast your lot with the quick. Then reap the rewards.”
Ron Sacchi, Human Resources Manager, Intel Corporation

“Now more than ever, you’ve got to know how to get what you need from people. Thankfully, The Influence Edge is there to highlight some great techniques. It continues to enhance the ‘networked’ way we get things done here at Nortel Networks.”
Angel Rampy, Manager, Nortel Networks

“As a user of The Influence Edge skills, I’ve seen how [they] have helped create stronger working relationships among team members. As a trainer, I’ve been able to use The Influence Edge to help me connect better with participants and keep them engaged.”
Sharon Sims – Leedie, Sr. Training Specialist, Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company

 “While our employees are often hired for their technical brilliance, many of them eventually experience serious difficulty without good influence skills. This approach helps fill that critical need.”
Patrick Wilson, Corporate Human Resources Manager, Applied Materials


Old – school top – down organizational behavior won’t cut it anymore. Direct chain – of – command hierarchies are obsolete. Networked team-oriented organizations are here to stay. To be successful, the ability to influence others – especially others over whom you have no direct control – is a must. You have to build alliances and persuade people, not boss them around.

Alan Vengel teaches you the influence skills you need to enlist the cooperation of others to achieve your professional goals. He offers advice for successful influence in real business situations, showing how to influence without authority, sell your ideas, and build better relationships — even with really difficult people.

Drawing on case studies and real-life examples, Vengel introduces a powerful step-by-step system of influence initiatives and strategic thinking that anyone can apply to almost any work situation. An interactive self-study guide, The Influence Edge™ offers immediate hands-on applications. The heavily tested exercises will help you evaluate your progress, reflect deeply on what you’ve read, and build a personal strategy for increasing your influence edge.

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How to Persuade Others to Help You Achieve Your Goals


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