Everything I Need to Know about Sales I Learned from My Garden

SPROUT! was written by two long-time sales veterans to help their fellow professionals rediscover enthusiasm for their chosen profession and to help sales organizations retain top talent. Vengel and Wright use a page-turning story to outline a new strategy for sales, one that will make salespeople better able to cope with the inevitable ups and downs and take a more effective, long-term approach.

By using the authors’ sales garden metaphor to change their whole way of thinking about sales, and by adhering to the easy, practical steps outlined in SPROUT! Salespeople can beat the career blues, increase their sales, and sustain themselves for the long term.


“Sprout! offers precisely the kind of thought process and motivational keys for any sales professional to keep their skills sharp and their careers positively charged. All sales professionals from new to very tenured should read Sprout!”
Kim Koro, President, Qualcomm Digital Media

“Sprout! helps ‘raise the bar’ on how sales professionals should approach their customers. It brings to life the principles of true collaboration as a profitable and healthy alternative to the typical transactional mindset.”
Dan Schulzetenberg, Manager, Sales Training, General Mills Bakeries and Foodservice

“If you’re in sales and having a bad day, bad week or (heaven forbid) bad month, read this book! It will give you a new way of looking at your work and a way to make more money. It provides an inspiring new mind-set for long-term success in your sales career. A great message! Buy it!”
Dr. Beverly Kaye, Founder and CEO Career Systems Int’l, and coauthor of Love It, Don’t Leave It: 26 ways to Get What You Want at Work

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Everything I Need to Know about Sales I Learned from My Garden