About Alan as a Speaker

Alan VengelFortune 1000 corporations, such as Cisco, Disney, General Electric, Kraft Foods, and Microsoft, hire him when they want their employees to become powerhouses for results.

When Professionals apply Alan’s methods, they’re able to get work done faster, form stronger alliances, reduce conflict, relieve stress, and negotiate their way through situations that would previously have stopped them dead in their tracks.

Vengel’s strategies aren’t based on manipulation. Instead, they’re based on research, ethical standards and proven relationship-building principles.

Says Vengel:
“To truly succeed in business you need to get your goals met again and again: Even as you influence for what you want.”

Alan’s Most Requested Presentations:

How to Influence Without Authority

  • Learn to sell your ideas
  • Learn to create positive changes
  • Learn to get results while building good working relationships

20-Minutes to a Top Performer

  • Learn the 3 Leadership Conversations that every leader needs to develop and every employee wants
  • Coaching for Performance, Motivating for Engagement, Mentoring for Development all in Fast, Effective 20-Minute Conversations

Five Keys to Successful Negotiations

  • How to resolve Conflict and Build relationships
  • How to Plan for Success
  • How to create Win/Win outcomes

Need a 45-minute energizing keynote, a two-day training seminar, a webinar or something in between? Alan will customize, to deliver the right message with cost-effective impact, whenever and wherever you need it.

“The critical factor for a company’s success today is the ‘quick conversation’ that compels another person or party to action. Those who master it will survive the first imminent shakeout of this new Internet age. Because these days, you’re either quick or you’re dead. So let Alan Vengel show you how to cast your lot with the quick. Then reap the rewards.”
Ron Sacchi, Intel Corporation

“Mr. Vengel delighted our group! The 20-minute conversation mind-set was both simple and profound, giving our managers new energy and hope for the future. Well done, thank you!”
Caris Kramer, Insurance Associates of America

“Alan gave us new insights into how to build an inspired workforce. He was funny and practical in his can-do approach to motivating and keeping our best talent. We left energized and optimistic.”
Sarah Hall, General Electric Leadership Council

All about Alan Vengel in a nutshell…

  • Over 22 years consultant/speaker/educator in management training and organizational Development—2000+ seminars.
  • CEO, Vengel Consulting Group, Inc., Danville, CA.
  • Strategic partner with Beverly Kaye & Associates, Inc./Career Systems Int’l.
  • Author of three books:
    • The Influence Edge: How to Persuade Others to Help You Achieve Your Goals,
    • 20-Minutes to a Top Performer, and SPROUT!
    • Everything I Need to Know About Sales I Learned From My Garden.
  • Developer/master trainer of
    • The Influence Edge™
    • The Negotiation Edge™
    • 3 Leadership Conversations™
  • Past instructor for McGill University in Montreal, Canada, USC in Los Angeles, UCLA, UC San Diego and UC Santa Barbara
  • Undergraduate degree from University of Florida, M.A. from University of Arizona
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Books by Alan Vengel

20 Minutes to a Top Performer™
Read A Section PDF
Three Fast and Effective Conversations to Motivate, Develop, and Engage Your Employees The Influence Edge™
How to Persuade Others to Help You Achieve Your Goals


Everything I Need to Know about Sales I Learned from My Garden