About Vengel Consulting

Vengel Consulting Group partners with organizations to deliver fully integrated learning solutions on a global scale. Our talent development curriculums are linked directly to our client’s business goals. Vengel Consulting Group’s award winning programs on influence and leadership development are seen as practical and effective while our career development and engagement programs are state of the art in the industry.

We are known for our customization of programs and tailoring to client needs. All of the classroom solutions are easily formatted in length of time and content. Our webinars are known for their impact, effectiveness and promote a full learning opportunity for all participants.

Our full range of organizational learning solutions for companies, and customer-focused approach has led our clients to consider us “vendor of choice.” We are proud of our reputation as being easy to work with and exceedingly customer friendly.

With a specialty in developing a “learning climate” in organizations, our partnership of veteran trainers and consultants have helped corporate leaders, project managers, salespeople, engineers, customer service representatives, and others become more effective leaders, negotiators, and problem solvers.

Programs are customized to fit your organization’s needs and can be delivered as classroom training, specialized programs, or web-based learning.

With courses from Vengel Consulting Group, Inc., learners come away with skills and take-away tools they can immediately use with optimum effectiveness.

Alan Vengel

Alan Vengel has provided his services to companies for over 20 years as a consultant and speaker on:

  • Leadership Training
  • Influence and Negotiation
  • Talent Retention and Career Development

Vengel has developed and is a master trainer for the highly acclaimed skill building courses The Influence Edge™ and The Negotiation Edge™. He is a certifying trainer for Career Systems International, a Beverly Kaye company.

Vengel studied organizational theory and management development at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and went on to teach courses on these subjects at UCLA, the University of Southern California, and McGill University. He also served on the training staff of the National Training Laboratories (NTL). As an author, consultant and speaker, Alan Vengel has helped thousands of people achieve their goals.

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Books by Alan Vengel

20 Minutes to a Top Performer™
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Three Fast and Effective Conversations to Motivate, Develop, and Engage Your Employees The Influence Edge™
How to Persuade Others to Help You Achieve Your Goals


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